In short I went with Trusty and confirmed a reservation #12-15 but Robbie has never provided a pickup date and I can only contact through email, no phone number. My contract job in Seattle WA area just ended and my 80 year old mother back in KS was put into CICU fighting for her life and my brother told me I'd better fly down ASAP and have SUV transported back to KS because I was too emotional.

I got a one way flight to KS on XMAS, reserved extended parking near SEATAC for SUV with instructions to give keys to transport company once I had provided the drivers name to parking co. Its been a week and they still haven't provided a date or name for pickup. This *** me off because if I had known they were not serious about picking up my vehicle I could have made other arrangements and it would be on its way to me within 7-10 days. This costs me money in additional parking, rental car extention, and now I'm thinking of flying back and driving it down in another week if I can't secure another company to quickly pick it up.

This could easily cost me another $1000 in parking, car rental, flights back, hotels, etc. I'd rather have a confirmed date of pickup and pay a deposit up front than no deposit and no follow through anyday.

They sell you on the idea that they don't require deposits. What good is that if they have no follow through.

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